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    Everyone here talks about all of the "historic" attractions, yet Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is probably the most historically important attraction that's ever been in the park. One - the original version was done under Walt himself; two - the connection between Walt and Abe; three - the message is VITAL and timeless. The message of President Lincoln centers on what Walt meant the park to be, and in spite of today's fanaticism for political correctness (or maybe because of it) is more important than ever. If I had my way attendence of this attraction would be required of everyone that enters the park.

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    Makes me wonder though. I totally agree with what everybody saying, but even so, if they had it in for Lincoln then why would the specifically mention that it will be returning on the poster? I mean, they probably did it just so we wouldn't all make a fuss about it for 16 months until we found out whether it was coming back. Of couse, we're still going to argue for 16 months about whether or not its coming back, but even so.

    While I will reserve my personal opinion on Lincoln, (I'm not saying I dont like it I just don't want ot argue about it) Disney has a bit of a problem in that every attraction has its die-hard fans. Its especially difficult to close anything from Walt's era, even if It makes total sense. For example, I personally think the Walt would have agreed with the idea to change the SFR Treehouse into the Tarzan Treehouse. Maybe he wouldnt of, but even so, if Disney closes or changes something they have to answer for it, and in a way I feel for them. But then again they moved CoP 2600 miles away so I dont.

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    Just be on the lookout for an AA John Wilkes Booth, if he enters the opera house anytime soon you know Ole Abe will go the way of the people mover and the country bears

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