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    Quote Originally Posted by Wotan
    Just out of curiousity, who else here simply made copies of the CD, and then put the originals back in the sleeve and up on a shelf to preserve them?
    I ripped them off to my computer and I already copied from 1 to 3 (It's been a busy week for me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini Cricket
    [lightning strikes on a nearby hill]
    Yes! I've found it! Feel the power.

    Awesome awesome awesome...

    Thank you, MickeyJCA, I've been looking for that track for quite some time! Now I'll have to figure out how to convert DVD audio to Mp3 on my broken Mac.

    Oh, yes, and special thanks to iSm for the PM about MJCA's post...
    I have a Sony CD player/burner that I use to transfer LPs to CD. I can also plug a DVD player in (just like I would a record player) and burn from DVD audio. That's how I do it, not sure if that helps you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mongstrol
    I agree that this set is really spectacular. It was just delivered to me yesterday and I have been listening to it ever since.

    So far my favorite track is “Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland And The Rainbow Caverns”. That is an attraction I have always been really intrigued by, but never had the opportunity to ride before it was send to Yesterland. Listening to the track now really makes me feel like I have just hopped aboard. Fun stuff.
    What made me smile listenting to this track were the references to Big Thunder Mtn and Bear Country.

    The set is a joy to own. Sure, there are lots of tracks that could have been included, but it represents a good cross-section of DL's musical history. And compared to the larger collections found online, this set is professionally mastered. Mixed? I don't know, it just sounds yery clean.

    With the book and the vinyl, it's one of the better values I've seen out of Disney in quite sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoneDaddy
    What made me smile listening to this track were the references to Big Thunder Mtn and Bear Country.
    Heheh, yeah - though I recall the section of Nature's Wonderland that was called "Bear Country" before the Country Bear's Bear Country, I had forgotten that one of the Cascade Peak falls was called Big Thunder Falls long before there was a Big Thunder Mountain (and it's obviously a much more appropriate name for a waterfall).

    One of the rare finds in this set that I found such a treat was, in fact, the pristine recording of the Rainbow Caverns music. This is such a throwback, cheesy piece that accompanied the black-light, day-glo waterfall caves that hearkened all the way back to the original Rainbow Caverns Mine Train ride which was the predecesor to Nature's Wonderland. Some of the earliest Disneyland music ever, and I've never heard it sounding so good.

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    I finally recieved my 6 disc disneyland set! It took 2 months of backorder, but I must was worth the wait and is worth EVERY penny that i paid for it. Ended up taking 450mb on my iPod Mini. Still worth it!
    If anyone does not have this set, then I insist that you pawn everything you own untill you can buy it....AND BUY IT QUICK! A week ago when I talked to disney direct to check my order, they had said, that they will very soon be pulling it off the website, because they are almost sold out of this limited item.
    Once again...worth every penny! I LOVE IT!

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