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    Re: Land Never Been But Live in Orlando

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    Indy at Disneyland is a ride with a vehicle similar to the ones used in Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom. As you know, the Indy attraction at MGM is a stunt show. There is no Indy ride at Epcot ( ).

    And I chime in on definitely checking out the Matterhorn, Subs, Pirates... plus Casey Jr & Storybookland as WDW doesn't have those rides.
    Can't forget Alice in Wonderland!

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    Re: Land Never Been But Live in Orlando

    Matterhorn, of course. It's Walt's Classic.

    Don't forget to pay homage to the window
    above the firestation. As you probably know,
    this is where Walt's apartment is.

    In New Orleans Square, be sure to stop by
    the door to the right of the Blue Bayou
    restaurant. There is that "33" sign out front.
    That's the entrance to Club 33.

    In fact, as a 1st time visitor to DL, I would
    definitely suggest getting your name on the
    Walk in Walt's footsteps Tour ~ you MIGHT even
    get to see the lobby of Club 33. And perhaps
    a trip on the Lilly Belle.

    Small World, is somewhat annoying, but you
    will probably want to see the much larger, longer
    version in DL.

    Roger Rabbit's Car-Toon Spin in Toontown.

    Of course, Pirates (much longer than WDW,
    plus you get to "sail off the edge of the world

    Haunted Mansion.

    The new Nemo Subs, The new Pirates lair
    on Tom Sawyer Island.

    Around Since opening day, but with some
    special "additions" that were done just before
    the 50th.

    Indy of course, Tarzan Treehouse.

    Big Thunder, Splash Mt (have to do them so
    you can compare to the versions in WDW)

    Oh! The Disney Gallery, located just above
    the entrance to Pirates.

    IF they still have the Phone calls with Stitch
    inside Innoventions, that is a hoot!!! Be sure
    to check outside with a cast member to see
    when Stitch is available to visit. Not worth
    going in, otherwise.

    Mr Toad, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland,
    are the best Dark Ride in Fantasyland,
    but you might as well do Snow and,
    the Blue Fairy effect in Pinnochio is

    Storybookland and Casey Jr.

    Over at DCA The Animation Lobby is BEAUTIFUL.
    Check the Sorcerers Workshop (Beast's Library,
    Ursula Grotto)

    And Monsters Inc is unique to DCA. You will
    probably want to check Tower of Terror so you can

    Plan on getting drenched to check out GRR,

    And Soarin' is still special, even though Epcot
    has it now, too.

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    Re: Land Never Been But Live in Orlando

    All of these suggestions are great -- but don't forget the Tiki Room! The original show, and recently refurbed -- it's a ton of fun and a nice way to relax a little while touring the parks.

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    Re: Land Never Been But Live in Orlando

    I think all of the ride suggestions previously listed are must do's, I just want to point out that you should also take the time to really check out New Orleans Square since WDW has no comparison. Also I think our Main Street USA is much quainter and better done, hasn't been entirely taken over by generic shops yet. Definitely check out Carnation Cafe, 50 Magical Years in the Opera House, Disneyana, the Fire House, and the Main Street Railroad Station.

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