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    That's a very good question. If you'd ask me years ago, I would have said Ghost Town, because to me, it seemed more of an actual depiction of the old west to me than Frontierland, but Ghost Town now doesn't even resemble anything how I remember it when I was a kid. :-/

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    Ghost Town hands down. It's almost an unfair comparison, since GT is so huge and contains two E-Ticket attractions as well as some lesser attractions. Not to mention a ton more of shops .....
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    Hands down Ghost Town at Knott's. Although like others have said Cedar Fairs is starting to ruin it. I miss Mott's Miniatures, the working birdcage theater, the old pan for gold location and I also miss the old Steak House.

    Disney really needs to add another ride back in the old BBQ area. Another type of mine ride would be good. One with good animatronics and some good scenery. Show some elements of the old days when people rushed to northern california for the gold rush (that part would fit in DCA). And no Toy Story type ride back there. IF you want to add a Toy Story ride do it in DCA PLEASE!

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    Knott's is reality...the West looking back from present day and Frontierland is as if you are back in that time. Knott's is my fave.
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    Knott's Ghost Town, hands down. There's just no competition, especially since all the shops at Fronteirland are all the same now. They all sell just the same merch as everyone else in the park. Except the tiny leather shop but it's really just a whole in the wall, while Knott's has a whole building for leather. Knott's has a full range candy shop still, while Fronteirland lost theirs. Knott's is way better, hands down, no questions, in this particular aspect.
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