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    ...Of to Space Mountain Ramp and Rant we go!

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    Ok, someone was bound to do it. So it might as well be me. At the following thread, , AP2CM was kind enough to tell us what the new Space Mountain has in store for us. He made a comment about the ramp at the end of the ride being replaced with stairs. I inadvertently derailed the thread by objecting to the stairs and wanting to have the ramp put back. Sorry for that AP2CM! So I thought I would start this thread/poll to take off some of the "pressure" from that thread. And not take away from the awesomeness of the new SM.
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    Details are important!

    How you exit a ride is part of the attraction. For example, the talking widow at the end of HM was one of my favorites as a child. Now they just as well have put just a dark hallway to exit, but it was an opportunity for a bit more fun.

    SM speed ramp was a little extra fun that I enjoyed as a child and appreciate now as an adult. It moved, but, as a kid, I also usually ran down it to get back on SM!

    The attention to detail that Disney used to do in exits has been removed. I have to say it looks like a cost cutting measure. When I rode Mission: Space for the first time, one of the things that struck me was how drab and boring the exit was. Because the complex is so large, you have to walk around the building, past several different stations to get out. It features blank walks with a noticeable "Exit" sign constantly pointed in the direction that you have to walk. Not much fun. Very sterile. No magic. (Of course, I was trying to get out as quickly as possible because I wanted to get in line to ride it again!)

    I think this is the future of Disney attractions exits. Do it cheap because they think that it does not matter how you exit. After all, the ride is over. I think that originally Disney had the idea that a long exit was an opportunity to entertain one last time on a ride.

    I suppose that some will say, "Why are you making such a fuss? Be thankful for what you have." It is not that I am not appreciative that one of the best rides at Disneyland has now been improved. I am. But this small detail at the end of the ride is going to be seen as a another Disney downgrade. We have seen so many subtle wonderful details in the park disappear that this feels like another straw on the camel.
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    +1 on that. Just check out the Buzz exit for more evidence of Exit Fatigue. Boring.

    Oh well, that speedramp hardly ever worked. But stairs?! Yccch.

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    I vote for the ramp too.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan
    How you exit a ride is part of the attraction...We have seen so many subtle wonderful details in the park disappear that this feels like another straw on the camel.
    Very well said. Disneyland began as a collection of 'attractions' and it's quickly becoming just another bunch of 'rides'.
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    As JiminyCricketFan said, it's part of the show. It's not necessary, but it's one of those little touches that make a Disney attraction different.
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