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    Happy birthday Donald

    On the 9th of June 1934 Donald Duck debuted in the Silly Symphonies cartoon The Wise Little Hen.

    Happy 73rd 'birthday' Donald.

    Maybe his age is why you don't see him around the park much any more. He'd rather be indoors under a blanket with his feet up.
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    Re: Happy birthday Donald

    Aww happy birthday Donald!
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    Re: Happy birthday Donald

    Aww! Happy Birthday to my favorite character! Donald!

    He dosn't look a day over...... well........ how old does he look? Well, not 73 anyways!

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    Re: Happy birthday Donald

    Donald Duck is mine and my son's favorite Disney character! And yes, I did know that today is his birthday!!! He sure looks pretty darn good for his age. And in celebration of this very special occasion we will be having pizza and ice cream later today.

    Happy Birthday, Donald!!!
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    Re: Happy birthday Donald

    Happy Birthday Donald!
    I know it seems silly but I kind of wish they'd celebrate the characters "birthdays"

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    Re: Happy birthday Donald

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Chopsticks View Post
    Happy Birthday Donald!
    I know it seems silly but I kind of wish they'd celebrate the characters "birthdays"
    I think that would be something I would make special visits to the park for. Even if they just mentioned it at the beginning of the day... or even give the Chraracter suits in the parks a Happy Birthday Button... ehhehehehehe. I think it would have the potential to increase awareness for the Birthday buttons. *giggles at the thought of all the Donald's wearing a Happy Birthday button and Mickey and Minney wearing the Happy Anniversary buttons on the date of their premear together*

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