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    I over heard a person in line for POTC saying to his wife that in the good ol' 1968 when he rode POTC it used to deliver more thrill because they didn't have the breaks half way down the drop like they do now!

    Is it just me or is that a little strange?

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    That's really strange. A lot of the things that people say at Disneyland are really strange. They leave their brains at the entrance.

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    i was there recently and waiting to meet mickey at his house. well if you go often you know he's always in different costumes (four different i think) my friend wanted to know what costume was being used so she asked the CM

    "which mickey is out today?"
    CM:"ma'am there is only ONE mickey."

    he said it soo seriously i couldn't let her forget it for the rest of the day!

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    Lol I was in line for Indy yesterday and some teens were befind me and one girl goes:

    Girl: "Ok now is this the park with Jurassic Park The Ride?"
    Guy: I think thats at knotts
    Other guy: no its at Universal, but you gotta be careful with universal there's 2 of them and one has only shows and the other has all rides.

    He He all I could do is role my eyes.
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    While waiting in line for the Matterhorn bobsleds, I overheard a frightened man ask his girlfriend if there are loops inside the mountain. She replied, "only when you stand up." Ouch!

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    The first two are in regards to Space Mountain...I heard all of these yesterday.

    Kid in front of us in line as they pass by a CM: "Is this just a preview of the ride, or the whole ride?" "The whole ride..." Poor CMs.

    Girl somewhere in line: "I hear the ride starts outside now!"

    Little girl coming into Toontown with her family, in somewhat of a disgusted voice: "Mommy, everything here is animated."

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