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    How WIDE are the Submarines?

    I'm currently working on a 14" model of one of the Disneyland Submarines and I'm in the process of drawing up schematics of the sub that will asist me in the initial sculpting. I need some help with some measurements. I know the subs are 52 ft long, but how wide? Perhaps some people going on the subs can get a good guess while inside? All is apprecitated. Thanks!
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    Re: How WIDE are the Submarines?

    ill measure tomorrow with my eyes. im sure its like 9 feet maybe idk

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    Re: How WIDE are the Submarines?

    9 feet sounds about right... The seats are soo close together. I sware I could feel somthing slithering up my leg from the lady who was sitting next to me when I rode. Kinda creepy.

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    Re: How WIDE are the Submarines?

    The sub's beam may be listed in the E Ticket. I'll try to remember to look it up when I get home.

    Either way, I belivee you'll find the sub body to be cylindrical--a 9 foot beam would mean a 9 foot cieling--not the kind of headroom that the subs feature, as I recall. Plus, 9 feet wide is HUGE!

    You're probably looking at something closer to 7 feet.

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