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    Re: Anyone book Cruzin' Disney's California Adventure Park Tour? (Segway!)

    Not to burst the excitement Bubble and Don't get me wrong I love WALT'S Disneyland, but is anyone aware of or bothered by the fact that:

    1. In Innoventions they HAD ride on demonstrations of Segways as the new futuristic alternative to human transportation and also had an I-Bot Two Wheeled Wheel chair concept by Kamen as well then....

    2. When users of Segways that use them instead of wheelchairs because they are disabled with illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis of CFIDS try to bring their Segways into Disneyland, management refuses to let them do so, using the excuse they are not FDA (FDA what a joke) approved! Even tho they are approved and recommended by MS association!

    3. Segway demos mysteriously dissapear from Innoventions...hmm

    4. Now they are offering 1hr (actually only one hour ride time) Segway tours for $99! Hmmmmmmm

    And I assume they still dont let people like me with CFIDS that weakens muscles and causes very fast fatigue and loss of balance use a Segway to get around the park? So Disabled people who have wanted new 21st century technology to eleviate their symptoms and allow them to get around like everyone else, to be at normal eye height again when you move around have to be forced to resort to 19th century wheelchairs and pay $35 plus $20 deposit to use a Disney approved power chair? Hmmmmm

    Also I am pretty sure that if he were alive Mr. Disney who was always at least 50 yrs ahead of his time would welcome Segway usage day one especially for the Disabled.

    Just thought I would mention this to all those who might not be aware of the facts.

    And please no bashing by hardcore Disney fans WHO ARE NOT DISABLED and have no idea what its like, thank you very much.

    Here are some links about this issue:

    MSN article on Disney banning Disabled Segway users
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    So you thought it important enough that making this post wasn't enough, so you started a new thread WITH SIMPLY A DUPLICATE OF THIS POST?

    No, you don't belong on a Segway, and Disney is smart and right in not allowing you on one.

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