A couple of years ago, we decided to do the balcony scene. Totally geared up for the phone call to get the tix (speed dial and everything). On the first day we were eligible to get the balcony tickets, we couldn't get them. Same for the next day. By the third eligible day, I finally got them! Had my wife and kids all excited about what a hot ticket this was, not going to sit with the crowd, eat tasty desserts, yeah! The night finally came and the dragon didn't work. Yep. No Fantasmic dragon! I stood there with my jaw on the floor. At least Malificent went up on the rising pillar to simulate the dragon. Was totally depressed after that. That was over $200 to not get the whole enchilada. So, just know that you're not guaranteed anything for the price. Would I do it again if I had the cash, heck ya!