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    i was hoping you would tell me

    Whats new at the Land

    Me and the fam are going on a vacation the 10-16 of July and are frequent DL vistors and i was just wondering what has changed at Disney Land in like two years (ok not that frequent ) and is Space Mountain going to be up and operational during that time???

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    I believe Space Mountain's reopening on July 15th.

    Anyone wanna confirm that?

    meh, that's all I know...or think I know. o_O

    DL-deprived all year, so I don't know any specifics about what's going on. >_<;
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    THAT is the big Question..... Will Space Mountain be open On the 17th or before?
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    From everything I've heard it open July 15th, just so they can get used to the lines and guests before the 17th!

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    Soft openings to commence on July 1st.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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