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    Historical attendance figures question

    every year for the last 4 years we've been going to DL the second week in november from sunday to thurs (or as close to that as possible). we've always had great experiences with light crowds, and little to no wait for rides...not to mention hotel rates are cheaper.

    so the question is that this year we're needing to make our trip at a different date, but i dont want to sacrifice the types of crowds we're used to encountering. in alot of al's articles he mentions daily attendance figures on particular days, so i'm curious if anyone online keeps tabs on what the daily numbers have been for the past few years in an archive or something? basically i want to see what the attendance was like during those times we've gone before, and then look for other days that have had similar numbers so we can ensure the same type of crowds and wait times etc. for the new dates we need to select.

    thanks for anyone who can help!

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    Try mid January

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    scottware has attendance over the year.

    Then at the top, click "time of year."

    IMO, only the noted times of year should be avoided, if you want to avoid crowds.
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