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    My First Trip Report....with no pics unfortunately

    Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my friends, one of which was my best friend. My parents dropped us off at the park at around 8:20 and we went to get tickets. One of my friends is an AP holder, but it was a blackout day so she had to pay her $30, and that 30 was all she had. I had to lend her money for food and a pin. After we had our tickets we moved straight right into the park and took the usual picture in front of the Mickey floral. We went through the right tunnel and headed straight to Tomorrowland, although I had to inform them about Walt's apartment as we passed by. In Tomorrowland we went to Autopia right away and I rode with my friend while my other friend was in front of us. The friend in front of us didn't even steer!
    After Autopia (which one of them called Autotopia ), we checked out the line for Nemo. It was, as expected, a zoo. I wanted to wait, but my friends didn't so we went to Fantasyland and went on Peter Pan's Flight. One of my friend's nails were painted white, so the ultraviolet made them look really scary. After Peter Pan, we went visited Mr. Toad, which one of my friends loves. We decided to go on Snow White's Scary Adventure next. On the way out of Fantasyland, we saw a bunch of ravers wearing the funkiest outfits I have ever seen. There was a guy with orange furry pants, and another with a zebra top and skin tight leopard skin pants.
    We thought Star Tours would be a good ride to do next. One friend hated it, but then she hates most bumpy rides, and the other thought it was okay. I've always loved Star Tours. We went to Toontown for lunch, because it was the only place my other friends could agree on. I wanted Cafe Orleans, but they felt differently. We ate on the steps of the gazebo by Toontown City Hall.
    Next was It's a Small World, where I told my friends all about the 1964 World's Fair and they all rolled their eyes at me. We went our separate ways when one friend wanted to go on Space Mountain, and my other friend and I wanted BLAB because we aren't really fans of speed. My friend beat me by a landslide on BLAB, even with the secret target! We met up again and went to the Mad Tea Party, where we saw people from my school, including teachers! It was fun!
    Next was PotC, which was a blast! I was the only one out of my friends that actually knew the words other than "Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me". We couldn't get enough pirates so we checked out Pirate's Lair. It was my first time since the overlay. I liked it a lot, especially the cage made out of skulls and bones.
    We went on the Haunted Mansion. One of my friends had only been during the holidays, so it was sort of her first time. After Haunted Mansion was the Jungle Cruise. Our skipper wasn't the best I've ever had, but she was really nice.
    My friend who loves Splash Mountain and I had fastpasses so we went on it, and to my disgust, she actually picked up water and poured it on her head! I hadn't been on for a year, so it was especially nice.
    We decided to go on BLAB once again, and I beat one friend...I think it was one of my first times actually beating someone. We looked in the pin store, and I bought a pin with the evil queen that says wicked on it. I love the musical Wicked, so I had to get it.
    We had dinner at Billy Hill & the Hillbillies. I noticed the new background, and I hadn't been since they added the Country Bears song to the show.
    After dinner we meandered around Main Street where I got an idea of what I wanted to buy, and we took the DLRR to Toontown/Fantasyland. While we were there, we went on Alice in Wonderland. We saw the PoD while we were in line, and in the part of the ride where you go outside, we waved at all of the CMs.
    We went to Innoventions for a little while, and I aged myself. I looked terrible..I hope it isn't accurate. On the way back from Innoventions we saw there was a band there called Sandbox. The ravers were dancing, and one guy was hysterical! His dance moves were so funny! My friend blew a kiss at the guitar player as a was hilarious. My friends wanted to stay at the Tomorrowland Terrace, but I wanted to go to the Tiki Room and get a dole whip float. They gave in because I told them that we came for Disneyland and not a concert. I had had dole whips before, but not the floats. I love them even more! We then had to go to buy my stuff on Main Street. I got the YoaMD Mickey, the musical HM snowglobe, and the Imagineering Workout book. We then had to say our goodbyes to the mouse and leave.
    Our adventure still wasn't over! We went to DTD to meet one of my friend's mom, and went to the Rainforest Cafe. It was my first time and it was so cool! Because school is almost over for us, her mom bought us the lava volcano thing with brownies, ice cream, whipped cream, and fudge. It was SO good! It was the perfect end to a great day!
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    Re: My First Trip Report....with no pics unfortunately

    wow great report, Im glad you had a wonderful time.

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    Re: My First Trip Report....with no pics unfortunately

    Quote Originally Posted by roxystar68 View Post
    After Autopia (which one of them called Autotopia
    I had a girl in my History class called it that. her name is Courtney. It made me upset lol!

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    Re: My First Trip Report....with no pics unfortunately

    It sounds like you had a blast. Glad the school year ended on a happy note.

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    Thumbs up Re: My First Trip Report....with no pics unfortunately

    Sounds like it was a really fun day! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
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