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    question for CM's

    Do Disneyland CM's get into any Disney park for free? like any park at WDW or DLP?
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    We are admitted free and after 90 days of service recieve and book with 16 chances to get myself and 3 guests in for free.
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    Now its 2 weeks before a main gate pass.

    We cant get into TDL or HKDL though.

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    TDR is obvious, but are they trying to pull off another DCA with not letting CM's into HKDL?

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    both TDL and HKDL are not fully owned by Disney.
    A majority of HKDL is owned by the Hong Kong Government.

    Also, cast members here do not get free admission into WDW's water parks.

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    Cast Members themselves can get complimentary admission to any of the Disney parks across the world, except for Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, or Hong Kong Disneyland. Every day of the year, excepting this July 17 at Disneyland, Cast Members can use their cast ID to get into Disneyland park, Disney's California Adventure, Disney's Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney MGM Studios, Disneyland Resort Paris, and Walt Disney Studios.

    With the Main Gate Pass program, cast members are also offered the opportunity to invite their family and friends into the park, 16 times per year, up to three guests at a time, with certain designated blockout dates, separate ones for each Disney park.

    The wait time for this perk has dropped from 90 days to two weeks.

    But since the main summer blockouts on this start on July 14, there's really no reason to get a job at Disney right now if this is your main incentive. And let's face it, a lot of us only put up with the hassle of working at Disney (you certainly don't have to take a shuttle from a parking lot at other jobs!) because of perks like the Main Gate Admission Pass.

    Cast Members are also given complimentary admission passes for themselves and guests in the summer season and in the winter. Also, various times throughout the year feature cast member complimentary tickets. There was a complimentary set of tickets given for family and friends of cast members to preview the 50th Anniversary Celebration in mid-May.

    Any other questions?
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