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    Quote Originally Posted by Escapé
    >>"Here You Leave the World of California Today and Enter the World of, um, er, California Today."<<

    I can't stop laughing!!!

    Hey marcarena!
    That's been my signature line for quite some time, but I'm glad you like it. It sums up my opinion on the differences between the two parks and why DCA is not successful.
    "Here You Leave the World of California Today and Enter the World of, um, er, California Today."

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    Quote Originally Posted by sediment
    Sorry, I had to organize your post, in order to better answer your questions.
    1. No. Capacity is probably less now, but that has to do with all the things already mentioned.
    2. Some are, some aren't.
    3. Yes, and Yes: FastPass transfers guests from queues to walkways/shops/restaurants. ODV carts cram those walkways, magnifying the issue.
    4. I don't think any attraction open at both of those times has lowered its capacity. Replacing high-capacity attractions with lower ones has caused a bigger change in crowdedness. If they're not experiencing an attraction, then they're somewhere else. Walkways are one of those other places.
    5. Again, maximum capacity dropping means that a specific number of guests now will make the park feel more crowded than that same number of guests in the past, at nearly every crowd level.

    One more thing: I believe that nowadays, AP holders with infants and toddlers are more likely to come with their children and their strollers, while in the past if someone had to pay $30 US (in 1985) to enter, that parent was going to get his/her money's worth and more likely to leave the child at home. (Wait until the child is more guaranteed a good time, relative to the money spent.)
    Note: this is not an indictment on AP holders, parents with infants or toddlers, or the combination therein. It's just that when one person takes up 2 or 3 times the space in the walkways, multiplied by thousands of similarly displacing persons, it can crowd the walkways.
    Makes a lot of sense.

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    Disneyland seems more crowded mainly on the west side. Think about it, on the west you have 5 E-Ticket rides... Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, AND Thunder Mountain. For the past 2 years on the east we had.. umm... Star tours............(is that even an E-Ticket?) Yes, I know the matterhorn is there, but that's not as popular as the rides mentioned earlier. With very little to do on the East side, everyone spends most of their day on the West side. That means nearly half of the park is basicly empty! And all those guests who would be walking in Tomorrowland, are now crowding up Adventureland, or Fronteirland, or Critter country. The park is off balance as of now. The opening of Buzz has sure helped, and the opening of Space Mountain will really help. I'm not saying an empty tomorrowland is all to blame, but it's sure a big factor.

    Plus, huge people eaters are missing. Having a few hundred people on a peoplemover instead of on the path really does make a difference. Plus, the skyway is gone too. That means a hundred people now are walking instead of "flying". A few hundred people are now walking on the path instead of underwater in a submarine, (plus you must factor in all the people that would be waiting in line also) It all adds up very quick.

    Just my thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robotpirates
    I wasn't born yet.
    Oh how I want to smack you upside the head. Man I am getting older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsnylndmom
    1985 compared to 2005??

    I was young
    My boobs were WAY UP HERE
    My pants were acid wash
    I listened to Bon jovi

    I am old
    boobs not so high up
    No Pants club
    Still Listen to Bon Jovi

    Oh you meant Disneyland, silly me

    Thanks for giving me a smile after having a horrible weekend with a cold

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    I remember LOOOOOONG lines way back when in the late 80's/early 90's. There was a time that Space Mountain wrapped around it's own escalator a few times before ending in front of Captain EO! I think the line was over 3 hrs that day! That was when the Peoplemover was open. I think the main difference is FastPass. We just don't have to stand in that line anymore. We get a FastPass, grab a bite to eat or go shopping and THEN go back to the ride. This constant back and forth brings the overall standby line down from what I remember it as a kid......but those walkways sure do get crowded...I remember 3hrs for Space or Splash Mountain and 1.5 hrs for HM and don't even get me started on Indy!

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