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    Refurb Schedule For 2007?

    When is the rest of the refurbishment schedule for 2007 available? Is it usually when the hours are announced?

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    Re: Refurb Schedule For 2007?

    It really depends, I think they post some with the hours, but then it changes after that as well.

    I am going 9/26 - 9/30 and at first when they posted hours it was only GGC that was down for one of our days, it has since been updated to show that Alice will also be down our whole trip. So who knows what else will change before we go.

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    Re: Refurb Schedule For 2007?

    Mouseplanet always has a great list of closures/refurbs for the foreseeable future updated weekly. Here is the latest:

    Probably not what you wanted at all...
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