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    Re: Would Light Magic work today?

    I wouldn't do away with the opening train,
    but I would get rid of dumbo train, clown,

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    Re: Would Light Magic work today?

    nooo the clown segmant is so funny, its so random! They just need a new dumbo costume and instead of clowns maybe some more disney people or something else.. the clowns are scary but not as scary as dumbos costume

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    Re: Would Light Magic work today?

    Quote Originally Posted by JosephTNielsen View Post
    YNot to mention the whole Sylvania thing is kind of tacky in my opinion. Yeah, it's great a company is sponsoring it, but really, does the company name need to be plastered on one of the floats?!

    The parade has always had its sponsor's name on the first float, GE sposored the parade while it played in DL. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
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