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    I wish they would have more Donald clothing. Disney seems to go in phases with characters, Grumpy currently being the fad. I'm just glad I got my Donald jacket a few years back (even though it says DCA on the back )
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    Homer: D'oh!
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    I know a lot of folks don't like the whole Disney Pin Craze... but check out this Donald... LMAO

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    Awww, Donald AND the boys! Now that's a pin I'd consider owning.

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    They have always been lacking in the Donald department when it comes to merchandise. I started collecting the mini Donald plushes, and I haven't seen any new ones for quite some time.

    I think its an American thing, however. I think Tokyo Disneyland had a whole year long celebration of Doanld Duck a year or two ago. Also, when I was in Munich in 1998, we went to the Disney Store and they had a whole wall section devoted to the Duck. It was quite awesome to see Donald getting the respect he deserves!
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