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    Re: Working at Disneyland?

    Yeah, I was afraid I'd have to actually CALL people eventually, I just wanted an idea of what I'd be getting into, and now I sort of do.

    This may just be one of those things that isn't able to happen, but I'll try, and I won't be crushed if it doesn't. As it is, I may be in a wedding md-summer and that'll probably cancel out everything else anyway, but I can always hope!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lighthope View Post
    To answer your other question, Son of Abraham, Chosen of God (did I assume correctly?), not being able to work Friday evening/Saturday day is a significant handicap. Yes, they will work with religious restrictions. But the law is that they only have to go so far. That one might tip the scales. You can always ask. In fact, I would suggest calling up Casting and asking before doing anything else.
    You're close - I'm Seventh-Day Adventist Christian. It has its similarities to be sure, Sabbath-keeping and no pork, but we get Jesus.

    Anyway, thanks for your information, all, it was really helpful!
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    Re: Working at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by FantasmicPrincess View Post
    No one has adressed this question, and its something I've been wondering about for awhile too. Does anyone know?
    College Program... Basically you work and stay in a room with other CMs working there. I believe it only last during the summer.

    Or CT(aka CR-S?). CT only require to work holidays and busy season so you only have to be at Disneyland on holidays and such.

    Disneyland... just make sure your parents arent too into family meetings and such... my parents hate it cuz i see them like once every two weeks. They want to see me more
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    Re: Working at Disneyland?

    The Disneyland College Program hires from WDW so you only have phone interviews, so that could be a great option for you. They will straight out ask you if you have tattoos since they can't see you. They'll begin hiring again December/January. I know people from Oregon and NorCal who didn't step foot in SoCal until they were offered a job with Disney, really nice for them.

    HOWEVER. The DCP requires that you have 5 days of full availability, and your only options for days off are Mon-Thurs. I've been with Disney over a year and I've only had like two Fridays and Saturdays off in that amount of time. I am a Christian and I get scheduled a lot of Sunday mornings and I just realize it's a part of my job and attend church very sporadically. I think that you'll just have to ask yourself if you can work like that, because no matter WHAT your availability is they WILL schedule you! I've had to skip class to go to work, and they scheduled my husband to work late Friday night before we graduated from college the next Saturday morning and they told him that he should just be grateful he got Saturday off.

    I know some Seventh-Day Adventists, and I've never heard about this sundown thing before. In fact my friend is getting her Masters at a Seventh-Day Adventist university and she works those hours on Fridays and Saturdays for her internship with the university. Interesting. I'd call and find out what they can set up for you! Here is the number you can call for CP casting: 714-781-4479.

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