I am getting ready to tackle another project & am going to start the resurrection of a genuine Disneyland Autopia Car. A number of years ago, I purchased a body from the old MK VII Autopia cars (the one that looked like a 1968 Corvette), but am a little hazy about some of the small details that were on the cars. I know, there's one sitting over at the D/L Hotel, by Goofy's kitchen, but it has been sanitized and/or reworked by D/L maintenance to make it kid friendly for picture taking. It is missing a lot of stuff (like the engine & fuel tank, side-rails and pedals) and has different tires & rims than it originally had.

What I'm looking for are just any old photos anyone may have of the cars. I don't care if it's a shot of Aunt Polly sitting behind the wheel, what I'm looking for are things that may be near the edges of the image - shots that show the tires, wheels, side-rails - things like that. I've scoured every DisneyAna show that I've been able to attend for the last 4 years, looking for old postcards, photos, anything. Any time that someone posts a link to an on-line photo album, I always look through looking for any old shots. I'm not asking for any photos or the like to be sent to me, but if they could be emailed, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

PS, I've exchanged emails with Bob Gurr & I know how to build the frame and suspension, but just need help with the small things.