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Thread: Where to Park?

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    Where to Park?

    Hi everyone I have been lurking on here for awhile, but figured I would start posting! My sister and I are going to DL today, and are going to see Harry Potter at the AMC in DTD at midnight. Where should we park? If we park in the DTD lot, and leave at like 3 am, do we have to pay? Or should we park in Mickey and Friends, and just walk back after the movie (I have PAP, so I don't have to pay for parking there.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Where to Park?

    Based on how things went for me after "Revenge of the Sith," "Dead Man's Chest," and "At World's End," I think you'd be better off parking in the Mickey and Friends structure. It's a longer walk, certainly, but it's far easier to get out, with fewer people to sit in traffic with.

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    Re: Where to Park?

    If the parking lot behind Paradise Pier and AMC is open I would suggest parking there.

    Next Mickey and Friends

    Avoid parking inside DTD at ALL COSTS, it took me close to an hour + to get ouf of that parking lot durring the premier of Pirates AWE

    ps - welcome to MiceChat

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    Re: Where to Park?

    Parking in M&Fs is way easier, plus it would be free for you as you said. It's not that long of a walk from the AMC - I did it when I went to see a late showing of Ratatouille on its release date and it took no more than five minutes, including a wait for the cross-walk.

    Hope you love the movie! I was going to go to a midnight showing but i have no one to go with..

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