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    What happened to that classic Disney Music

    I am listening to Subsonic radio right now and they were playing...

    Disneyland - Fantasyland - It's a Small World - 03 - Welcome

    Its so nostaglic because of the orcastrated (spelling?) background. It is the small world music mixed sort of with the old Disney shorts in the old west... I am doing a terrible job describing it. its kind of like the old Tom and Jerry's done by Chuck Jones. They have the full orchastra playing the whole time in the background. I LOVE THAT, I miss the 50's (Born in 87).

    There has to be someone who knows what I am talking about, I would love to see Disneyland have a tomorrowland attraction where you travel through a retro version of the future with a cool narrator (i would of said Thurl Ravenscroft ) and it is orcastrated the whole time with that upbeat disney style (like in the tiki room).

    I hate people who make these kinds threads because it wont ever happen, but i am started to think I am a hypocritical jerk so... what the hey!
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    I think perhaps that the disney music of today will be the retro classic disney music for our grandkids (well, not OUR grandkids, but you get the idea)

    In fact if I look into my handy Dandy futurevision-o-scope I see..... yep.

    the future has a lot of old people covered in tatoos and large loopy holes where piercings used to be listening to their grandkids play Linkin Park songs that their moms made them learn..... Perhaps I need to be more specific....

    The future has alot of young kids who went to disneyland their whole life and wish they could hear the music from Space Mountian and Winnie the Pooh like their parents did.
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