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    Perris... sounds like Paris but without the wild parties

    smiley story

    remember when I was young and disneyland. All the family would there and watch the fireworks. now it's only and people seem very there. Somethimes wish that I could but then everyone would .

    What's your story?
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    Sometimes I like to act like a .
    The end.

    Sorry, no imagination...
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    Well, once I to go to until those around me wanted to and I fast as I could. But finally they said and I was . We to and until they let us in. We saw lots of and but there were also lots of people there. We went on rides like and and we stayed to see . We hardly could because of the on the shoulders, but we had a lot of when we used means to move them. Finally, we were so we headed to the tram through the . On the way out we encountered a few who at us, but we for a fast ride to the car. All in all, we had and each other.

    The end.

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