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    Small World holiday (Candy Cane Lane)

    I was thinking of taking my daughter to Disneyland around
    Veterans Day - prior to the start of her basketball season.

    Question - Will the holiday decorations be up, specifically Candy Cane Lane the weekend of 11/9 - 11/12? We live in the mid-west and need to plan accordingly. Any info is appreciated. thanks.
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    Re: Small World holiday (Candy Cane Lane)

    Probably. The decorations usually go up around early November, but that doesn't mean It's a Small World Holiday will be up and running because of the required few weeks of overlay.
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    Re: Small World holiday (Candy Cane Lane)

    small world holiday opened last season on November 10, 2006 so I would expect a similar schedule this year, so it would be close, but I would expect it to be open for that weekend.

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    Re: Small World holiday (Candy Cane Lane)

    I can't belive Disney would have IASW closed on Halloween, it is definately the park's scariest ride.

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