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    This Sunday's Crowds?

    okay so i am sorry... i know that i ask too many crowd questions... it just seems to me that you all know more about the park and crowds than I do... so... i am taking a friend to disneyland this sunday... I know that all but the primium pass cant go anymore... but I was wondering what you all think that GA crowds will be like this sunday???...

    once again... sorry
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    I think it will be pretty bad, as will Monday.
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    They've been bad for sometime now. Just take the plunge!

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    Very big holiday weekend, go, stay cool and have a great time!

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    Just be prepared for a very busy day due to the holiday weekend.

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    bringing it back
    it will likely be very crowded this weekend, been crowded almost every sunday, and especially during holiday weekends. Memorial Day weekend sunday was the busiest I've seen

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