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    Question Disneyland Dog Kennel

    Does anyone know the rates for boarding a dog at the Disneyland Dog Kennel. I would like information from people who have left their amimals at the facility and what they thought about it. Is the facility clean, is the staff good with animals, do they have an area for the animals to run outside.

    I have two small dogs and I often leave them at our local Doggy Day Care when I am gone for long periods of time. Both dogs love going. I thought the Disneyland Kennel would be great to check out when I go to Disneyland hopefully in October.
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    Re: Disneyland Dog Kennel

    I believe it is $15/day and you must have proof of distemper and rabies shots.
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    Re: Disneyland Dog Kennel

    The rates have just gone up to $20.00 per day. The facilities are very clean and the CMs running the kennel are wonderful. But know that your dogs will be in cages but I have seen 2 small dogs in one so they are relatively roomy. They do have bigger dog "run" cages. They will feed your dogs for your, with their food, or you can bring in your own. You must have proof of all vaccines - they are very strict about that.

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