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Thread: "Light Tragic"

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    I might be wrong but didn't Michael Jackson write the main song for Light Magic

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    anyone have a good video of it, all i can fnd is the finale and i happen to think it looks great

    i love the celtic take on msel's theme.

    kindof sad, it looks like disney put alot of money and effort into those floats...
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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    dont think i ever saw it, but from what people said before and a youtube i probly would have cried

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    If the park hadn't hyped the MSEP glowing away forever (or at least until another park needs it) the fall out wouldn't have been so bad for Light Magic.
    The show really wasn't that bad, the music was good the idea was good the floats/stages were HUGE, there was just poor execution. From the negative fall out from the AP party that kind of began Al's climb into DL internet history to the poor press coverage, I mean how many parks have news story’s about them and there bad new parade?

    I wish they would have taken the time to fix what they had started, there was a lot of money thrown into this project and I believe it could have been fixed but, they just didn't have that chance.

    You ever noticed that a lot people who didn't like it, just didn't like it because it replaced the MSEP?
    For all those people, I bet your all over at DCA watching Disney's Electrical Parade every chance you get huh, YEAH RIGHT!

    It just wasn't that bad, did it have issues? Well yeah, but what new anything doesn’t?

    Don't hate what you don't know.

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    Quote Originally Posted by mouseinphilly View Post
    So I'd figured to start a "Light Tragic" thread here.

    Yeah, you and a whole bunch of others in the past...

    Try doing a search. Should be plenty of hits on the subject.

    I was there on the opening night of Light Tragic. TV camera's were everywhere. It was broadcasted on a bunch of channels even up in the Bay Area. They had plenty of hype over it.

    And then it made its appearance, and the rest is history.

    Terrible. The only part that I did like about it was the sappy movie that they made which showed on the screen of the floats.

    We got our spot two hours before showtime, in order to get a good view. We were assured by a CM that we had the "best seats in the house".

    Well, that was a crock...

    The float thing stopped, but not in front of where we were. About 30 feet away. And the "sitting only" section in front of us quickly turned into "standing room only". Anyways, that didn't spoil it for us. Comparatively speaking, that was small in the overall scheme of things. Freaky looking things dancing around. Poor "light" show, and so on.

    Of course, as already mentioned, anything would have had a tough time following the MSEP. But come on!!!

    As we were leaving the Park for the night, a CM came up to us and asked if we saw the show and how we liked it. That was a mistake!

    Out of all the times that we have enjoyed the Park, we've never been asked our opinion. Did I let loose on that poor CM!

    And I finished up with, "I bet it doesn't last til the end of the year!".

    And I was right... (by a few months, too)

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    My only experience with it was seeing that tv broadcast. Now, all I remember was a lot of purple and turquoise lights and the fairies. I also remember thinking at the time - it must be better in person than it is on tv, because I'm bored.

    Nice to know I didn't truly miss out on anything! I got to go Disneyland once a year back then, and it wasn't around long enough so that I saw it.

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    Re: "Light Tragic"

    For those who want to learn more about Light Magic, mouseinphilly recommends the following site:

    "Light Magic" by Wikipedia.

    This reading material can be found in your computer browser and modem. It's a great way to Read More About It.

    []Anyone remember when CBS used to do those bits?[/]

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