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    Re: How do you handle line-jumpers (personally)

    If I were waiting in line for a character or something, maybe that would bother me... but an attraction? Not so much. It'll still be there.

    Honestly, though, I've never noticed much line-jumping going on anywhere I've been recently.

    It bothers me a bit when people take it upon themselves to punish linejumpers by "accidents" or purposefully moving slowly or whatnot. That seems very passive-aggressive to me and I don't care for it. Calling someone out is a lot more appropriate than 'getting back at them' for behaving badly.
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    Re: How do you handle line-jumpers (personally)

    the way to stop line cutting, simple: just like at the fort royale sequence of pirates of the carribbean:curse of the black pearl where the gallows are seen and the three pirates that were hung, construct an exact replica in the promenade between disneyland and dca and post a plaque above that reads "this is what happens to all who cut in line at the parks.......heed our warnings.......DONT DO IT!!!!!!!"

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    Re: How do you handle line-jumpers (personally)

    I shared this once before, but I'll my story bears repeating. A few years back I was in line on Thunder Mountain when a group of four teenage guys tried to work their way through to the front of the line. I pulled out my wallet and flashed my work I.D., claiming to be Disney security. I escorted the guys out of line and returned to my spot to the cheers of all those around me. Now it sounds like poor judgment on my part, but the feeling of justice at the time was overwhelming! Of course, I didn't then nor have I ever worked for Disneyland. I doubt I would be that bold again.... probably get shot or something.

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    Re: How do you handle line-jumpers (personally)

    Quote Originally Posted by warmonthesand View Post
    I hate when a group of five or six goes to join their "party" a.k.a. one person in line ahead in the line. That's line jumping and everyone they shove past knows it.

    GRRRR this happened to us today and it really ticks me off...we have been wanting to find Nemo just like a lot of people but have waited until we could allow sufficient time to dedicate to the long line....we got up at 5am, made the 1.5 hour drive and arrived at the gate before opening. Proceeded almost immediately to Nemo and still had a good 1-2 hour wait...No worries, we were expecting that and came with the proper mindset. However....all around us people were on their cell phones (usually moms) telling the kids and family where they were in the line so the rest could ride other things and then jump in when they were near the front. The lady in front of us was an APer and justified it as saying the kids would be bored and they had out of town visitors that needed to see everything in one day. hmmm....then maybe they need to prioritize??

    Need to take a bathroom break or have someone join you with food or a problem because they usually come in early in the process....but to send everyone out to play and then let them cut in...grrrr
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