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Thread: Rocket Rods?

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    Question Rocket Rods?

    I was just wondering what are they going to do/are they gonna do anything with the Rocket Rod/people mover's track?

    What do you think they should do with them?
    -I personally liked the Rocket Rods except the fact that they broke down every 5 minutes but I think that they should bring back the people movers or something like it maybe the people movers but with different sorts of vehicals.

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    Re: Rocket Rods?

    Rocket Rods was a cool ride but its expensive to maintain. I know a major problem was replacing the tires. So it won't be coming back but in time a form of the People Mover will. Not the orignal but a slow moving people mover shall return.

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    Re: Rocket Rods?

    Do a thread search, there's about a hundred to chose from. And you dont have to just read it, you can bring it back to life.

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