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    DLR Trip July 21-22!

    So my girlfriend and I are doing something very spontaenous and taking a weekend trip to DL, leaving Friday night after work and coming back Sunday night for work Monday. We live about six hours away, so it'll be a pretty hectic but hopefully very exciting and fun weekend. Usually I only take trips to DL that are at least four or five days long, so I don't worry too much about getting to everything in a couple of days. But seeing as this is a very quick trip, I'm a little concerned about the crowds and getting to do everything we want to do.

    So my question is: does anybody know how busy the parks were last weekend? And do they do early entry on Saturday's for Nemo, because I'd like to get there at rope drop and get on it first. Any suggestions for marathon days are welcome as well, it's been a few years since I've had to do one.

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    Re: DLR Trip July 21-22!

    We were there last Sunday afternoon/evening from 1:30-7:00. During the parade POTC was a walk-on, as was Jungle Cruise and Indie was a 10 minute wait. HM was a walk on. Nice time.

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    Re: DLR Trip July 21-22!

    I am also going this weekend and the wait times are fine if done right

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    Re: DLR Trip July 21-22!

    I really think the Harry Potter release will help keep the crowds at book stores.

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