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Thread: Condor Flats?

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    Question Condor Flats?

    I thought I read awhile back that Condor flats was going to become a part of the GRR area and be themed to a National Park with tall trees and such. Did I just imagine this, because I have not heard anything more about it? Also I thought the Taste Pilot Grill was to become a lodge style eatery with a large stone fireplace. This got me really excited and I hope it is true. Does anyone know more?

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    Re: Condor Flats?

    I really like this idea and I have suggested that the area be themed to a National Park. I think I may have heard something about it before suggesting it.

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    Re: Condor Flats?

    With the budget to upgrade DCA only recently being approved, details of the official plans haven't been announced. I'm sure we'll hear about the new plans as they become a little more concrete.

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    Re: Condor Flats?

    I hope they do this too because National Parks are totally awesome espcially Yosemite

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    Re: Condor Flats?

    It just seems like there'll be enough national park theme with the Grizzly Rapids, and the Brotehr Bear trail. I like all the airplane stuff.
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