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    Thoughts on WDI and Disneyland

    <Edit>Not about Nemo. Sorry about the Nemo tag. I just realized it was there and did not mean to have it there. I also did not mean to give the impression of trolling, I forgot to disable reps on here (if possible) so please no reps either way. <Edit>

    I earlier posted about my little "incident" with WDI and I wanted to reflect, elaborate, and explain my decisions and possibly more. I can't say "I've always wanted to be an Imagineer"... for me it was "I want to be a Jungle Skip". I was 4 when I first heard those gunshots, and 18 when I made it! Imagineering was a chase I kind of grew into. I was told that many Imagineers emerged from the Jungle, a sort of "creative club" in a way. The Ethos "Once a Skip always a Skip" seemed to hold true time and again. I even watched a rehab budget "grow" as more Skips signed on with one creative concept after another. Over the course of my employment I was fortunate to work with countless individuals, WDI, and creative CM's alike. I witnessed amazingly creative concepts, and utter devastation when creativity clashed with corporate profit. I can only imagine the frustration of trying to plan, adapt and stretch every dime in the face of a continually shrinking budget. My hats are off to those at WDI and their continuing battle to spread creativity to all of the Disney Parks.

    I want to make it clear that I was not offered a position with WDI. I was offered a casual, and possible formal interview. I declined. Mainly for family reasons, too far of a commute. But also because my current company pays well, trusts me, and has invested a great deal in my training and employment. You could say they took a chance on an old Jungle Skip with a lot of personal experience, no college education, a high school diploma and a bit of creativity.

    I'll probably note this in my notebook as a "success" even though I never actually interviewed. Just a note. Failure is usually a page or more. I find that even a minor failure teaches a lot more then a monumental success. I was told that I share a kindred spirit with the Imagineers, I'm humbled by that, and I consider that a great compliment. I also would like to express my Thank You to the MC Community. Jungle was a creative outlet, without it I had a hard time expressing myself. On here I've been able to post, and revive some of my older "additions" from my notes and thoughts about Disneyland in general.

    What I would like to hear is stories about those individuals specifically at Disneyland. The things they have designed and created, both success and failure. I know that someone probably knows someone and has a story. No need for names.
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