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    Backlot Walk of Fame

    Keep thinking about the Hollywood Backlot. More then anywhere else it bugs me... finally figured out why. It is a weird blend of "backstage" and "onstage". It was an attempt to put you on a movie set be depict the streets of "Old Hollywood". Personally I think they should ditch the "backlot" and make it their version of Hollywood.

    Hollywood has a Walk of Fame... the Hollywood Stars as they're called. I think Disney did something similar but I can't really remember. Really simple, make stars for the various Characters that they have made over the years... they should have more then enough to make a decent star studded walk around the entire "land". Park vintage prop "cars" (not real ones, fiberglass) of the 20's and 30's which was the Golden age they were shooting for. I would also add a theater similar to Mann's Chinese with the classic hand prints and signatures in cement. That could be a variety of characters and imagineers. eventually becoming a tradition like the MS Windows. Top it off with a red carpet line to take your picture with Mickey and Minnie or any other of the characters.

    Just a thought
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    Re: Backlot Walk of Fame

    i would love an actual old hollywood or an actual real hollywood but the problem with an actual old hollywood is it would be weird with an abandonded hotel of the same period just around the block..and then we still have playhouse disney and monsters inc and muppets

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    Re: Backlot Walk of Fame

    Quote Originally Posted by patattack View Post
    the problem with an actual old hollywood is it would be weird with an abandonded hotel of the same period just around the block..
    It works out just fine in Florida.

    The problem with having a modern Hollywood in DCA is there's a real Hollywood but a short drive away...

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