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    Talking Mini Trip Report, July 21

    I had never been to the Disney Gallery, so I really wanted to make sure I got there before it's gone, and since I'm off to Comic-Con next weekend, today was the day.

    We got to the park around 11 or so, took the tram, and the Fire Wagon (?) was waiting at Main Street, looking for someone to transport, so we hopped on. We got down to the Castle and walked in through Frontierland to NOS, where we found a chain across the stairs to the Gallery, and thought, Oh no!!!

    But we asked in the nearby shop and a CM told us that it opened at noon. We were hungry, and Cafe Orleans was right there; we'd never been, so we put our names on the list (husband and I) and we were seated in about 5 minutes. But not before I got to snap a couple pictures of Emile and Remy in the window, riding a lazy susan filled with fruits and cheeses (of course!)

    Remy's picture had too much reflection in it, you can't really see him. We did see the characters walking around outside while we ate. Remy stopped to play with a little girl who had Remy and Emile plushies, and one of the handlers made a comment about a sibling or something, but I couldn't quite catch it.

    Anyway, we had lunch and then went up to the Gallery. Wow, lots to look at up there, and I'm really glad I went.

    I fell in love with this vase:

    This was my favorite piece out of Fantasia 2000 and I would love to have the vase, but it's not for sale. And if it was, I probably couldn't justify the cost. Ah, well.

    Had to have a picture of the teacups designs:

    But that's all I took. (kicks self)

    Really enjoyed looking at all the goodies in the gallery. I got POTC coasters and the Pirates Jail lightbox, oh and a Pirates mouse mat. DH and I really enjoyed looking at all the artwork, and we talked to the cashier for a bit before we left.

    Took the Horseless Carriage back up Main Street to the entrance, and headed out before it got too much warmer. Short but sweet trip to the park for us today.
    Happy 2009, MiceChatters!!

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    Re: Mini Trip Report, July 21

    Short but sweet indeed! Great pics!

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    Re: Mini Trip Report, July 21

    Thanks it was a nice TR. It is just nice anytime you can get to the park. Thanks for the teacup photo, I do not recall seeing that in previous posts.

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