Finally, in about 2 weeks, I'll be in Disneyland and I can't wait. You're all looking at a summer veteran here. We usually go in the summer (typically August). I went every summer until Labor Day weekend of '99 (last summer before I left on my mission in Feb). Then after a 5 year absence, the annual trips picked right up again. Damn I can't wait. Our tickets arrived today. 2 kids and 7 adults (plus my adorable little niece). We're staying in this time share resort (it's part of Shell Vacations) that's walking distance to Disneyland.

Some pics from last year:

(I'm obviously in the blue shirt)

(into the belly of the beast)

I'll post more later. To quote Michael Eisner on Family Guy: "See you Disneyland!-BRING MONEY". 2 more weeks. 2 more weeks...