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    Trip Ideas anyone?

    So we are leaving for Disneyland in 14 days (let the countdown begin!!!)

    It has been about a year since the last visit and I am sooo excited! We are going to visit Cal State Fullerton to look at their communications dept. on the 10th (any grads, how was it, would you recommend it?)

    Anyways we are ofcourse going to be spending plenty of time in Disneyland. I was wondering if any of you had any interesting fun quirky things to do in Disneyland, that could make our trip extra fun, short of going to Club 33 (no membership here unfortunatly).

    any ideas are welcome...


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    Re: Trip Ideas anyone?

    I've been told that you can ride the Lily Belle by requesting tickets at City Hall, if it is on that day. If you've never been you could try asking for tickets.

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    Re: Trip Ideas anyone?

    Do the fun, cute, little-kiddy things. Those always make for memorable moments. Get a picture with Mickey, buy a funny hat, and eat a caramel apple.

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