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    Where should the private parties be?

    I think everyone on here can agree that Big Thunder Ranch and the Millionaire Building are severely underused areas. Aside from the occasional corporate party they usually sit empty, wasted, with so much potential to do so much more then collect dust. So, IF they ever develop the areas the question posed is. Where should they host private parties? Should it be confined to the hotels? Should there be a predetermined place like the old picnic area? Should it be confined to after hours, making it more private and eliminating the need for a "spot". Disneyland currently "rents out" lands for just such events. If they take away the private party areas what should become of the private parties? Can their respective areas be themed to host both private party and public, serving a dual purpose when not in use? I open the floor.
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    Re: Where should the private parties be?

    Arn't they currently in The Theater in the Round of whatever its called.

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    Re: Where should the private parties be?

    I do not like the use of any part of DLR for private parties - those areas are sorely needed for more attractions. All parties can be at the ballrooms of the hotels.

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