Personally I think this would make a great show, but realize that messing with Disney nostalgia can tip some Disney Fanatics over the edge. I would like to get your thoughts about whether people would find this intriguing or disturbing.

With the closure of the Lincoln exhibit there is much specualtion that it won't ever return even though Disney has stated it would.

I have always thought this audio-aimatronic show could be "reborn" into "Great Moments with Walt & Roy" through AA's of Walt and Roy battling over their ideas and how to pay for them. Imagine seeing Walt and Roy sitting in the garage dreaming their dreams as well as ride along as Bankruptcy continually looms over the heads in the early days. I would love to see Walt send Roy off on his good will mission and start building the Matterhorn after Roy said they couldn't afford it. Imagine the laughs of audience. Imagine seeing Walt tell you of his dream straight from his own mouth ( sort of ). Imagine the chills inside yourselves as we watch the story unfold before us .

How do you feel about this idea? Would you like to see it? Or do you have to deceased for 100+ years before you can become an AA? Would people be freaked out about seeing Walt in this forum? I think it would be a great tribute to him and his vision for the use of audio-aimatronics. I look forward to seeing the responses from both sides.