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    Re: New Adventures by Disney tour: "Backstage Magic"

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSkyDriveBy View Post
    Who thinks up this stuff? The same folks taking away the Disney Gallery for that lameass YoMD promotion? Unbelievable.

    Hollywood landmarks? My brother lived near the Hollywood Bowl for almost two decades. I've seen enough of Hollywood Blvd. to last two lifetimes.

    See how the "magic" is made at WDI? Will that include ringside seats to the Weis-Rasulo Budget Cut SmackDown?

    Eat lunch at the Disney Studios Commissary? Will an appetizer and 18% gratuity be included?

    And get a "peek behind the fantasy" at the Disneyland Resort? Not Disneyland Park? That could be risky. The mildewed maintenance room for the defunct Fantasy Waters show at DLH would technically qualify.

    Is there anything in the Disney Universe that's not for sale for the "right price"?

    Not everyone has been to Hollywood, and for some they would enjoy seeing the landmarks and tourist traps.

    Not everyone is a Disney fanatic that dissects every issues Disney has and is aware of the mistakes, issues and other problems Disney have. Many just enjoy the movies and parks for what they are. Even with the issues raised here all the time, Disney still provides an unbelievable product. Could it be better? Sure, but for most, it is better than they expected.

    As for the Disneyland Resort, this terms refers to all properties in Anaheim, from DL to DCA, to the hotels and Downtown Disney. It is not just the DL Hotel.

    Best part is, if this is something you would not purchase, you do not have to, but for many who do not live in close proximity to the park, this may be the once in a lifetime vacation.

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    Re: New Adventures by Disney tour: "Backstage Magic"

    As for the Disneyland Resort, this terms refers to all properties in Anaheim, from DL to DCA, to the hotels and Downtown Disney. It is not just the DL Hotel.
    I think BlueSkyDriveBy was just saying that technically, this description could be for a tour that never even touches the parks, but just peeks backstage at the hotel, since it is part of the resort.

    yippie tours of backstage.... were you can see the pavement ,the back side of green show buildings, dumpsters and trash compactors. I have a feeling this will be in the wee morning hours before opening or after closing....... can Rasulo leave already....
    I'm not sure if this was sarcasm or not, but I'll decide not to give you the benefit of the doubt. Just remember that for certain Disneyland fans who aren't cast members and thus only get to see backstage in aerial photos, the grimly industrial realities of backstage can hold a different but valid breed of magic. Especially if they already have an interest in those sorts of facilities.

    You're probably right that this would be done before or after the park's normal operating hours. I'd hope for a morning tour, since that would give me enough light for photos...hopefully. That brings up another question...will Disney even allow photos in the "backstage" portion of the tour? I imagine not, which might be the most frustrating experience of my life.

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