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  • discovery-ish(disney sea/ jules verne + dinoland

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  • mythology/ symbolism(could have a halloweentown)

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    third gate part 3

    OH NO not another third gate disscusion!! sorry but my ideas are evolving so this might not even be my last one.

    ok so you pretty much all know my idea of Discovery Kingdom but i have a new adittion to this and a new explanation. so here i go!!...of to-(peter Pan music comes out of no where)...

    im starting to question my own idea for Discovery Kingdom but heres what i have as requirements for a third gate
    1. it must have a hotel at the enterance(like DLR or TDS)
    2. once inside there must be a volcano that erupts and holds mysterious island inside it
    3. Tony Baxters old "Discovery Bay" idea would be moved here/
    4. The Hotel and enterance theme could be victorian or european or asian
    5. it would be cool to have a Halloween town/land(nightmare before christmas) in a way it would be like the little mermaid thing at TDS because it would be an indoor land that is like a set of halloween town is not realy a requirment(sp)it would just be realy cool)
    6. if you heard my original idea it said that it would be like DAK with animals but i guess it dosn't realy make sence because there are already alot of zoo's in so cal
    7. along the volcano on the opposite side of the entrance there could be a dinoland sort of thing and the monument of this land could be a HUGE dinosaur fossil on the side of the volcanohttp://museum-of-natural-history.vis...lamosaurus.jpg
    8. ... well thats about it so if you could just tell me what you think

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    Re: third gate part 3

    Theme it to Strawberry Shortcake to honor the strawberry fields that came before it.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge..."
    -Albert Einstein

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