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    disneyland birthday party

    My 10-year old son loves DL, and his birthday is coming up pretty soon. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations, cake, etc.. that we could purchase or make, that would be on-par with an eleven year old boy? Please help, I'm not very creative and I know the great people here at MC would have some awesome ideas.

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    A white cake with the castle on top, and the principal characters in miniature standing inside it.

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    Not that I could execute it but it seems that the focus for a boy that age would be on the rides! Maybe a cake with the Mountains on it,maybe buy look for souviners from space, splash. thunder and matterhorn even if key chains to decorate the cake and more to use as gifts for the guest? Even something as simple as the large swirled suckers with an wrapping representing a ride at the park?? Pull clip art from different sites just google disneyland ride clip art , I am sure something will come up and make your own invatations using clip art. My dd got married at the DL hotel and the stuff she came up for her invites, programs , kids gifts and adult gifts was amazing using various resources.

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    I saw a cake that someone had at the concierge desk
    in the Grand Califonian. It was for someones 50th Birthday,
    with green hill on one side with blue "water" on the other
    half. On the green (land) portion, they placed a full set
    of the pirate plastic figures dressed as pirates (Mickey,
    Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, and Pete.) The cake
    looked terrific. (The six figures come in a boxed set)
    If you're not close to the park, I'm sure you
    could order a set from Deliverears by phone.

    Oh, there are some grocery stores that can take any
    picture you have and copy it on to the frosting on the
    cake ~ do you have any pics of him in DL that would
    look good? Or use some other pic of one of the DL mountains.

    I've also seen some cartoonized decorations of Capt Jack
    and Will Turner at Costco in my area, and some local
    "Party City" stores.

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    Set up all the lands as stations and have a themed activity with each land. On Main street, he could open up his presents. In the NOS section, have a pirate dress up, and a decorate your own treasure chest area. In the frontierland section, have water guns (or if you're ambitious, a paint ball gun) and Western themed targets for them to try and hit. Just create an activity around his favorite rides. A posterboard on the wall with some clip art can announce the area to the other children. And instead of cake, you could always do churros.

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    Here's where my nerdness comes into play.

    Think Disneyland map...?

    Think of your son's favorite part of the parks. If your son loves Pirates make the games pirate themed (scavenger hunt?). If your son loves Buzzlight year maybe something inspired by that... etc. If your son loves everything... make maybe a scavenger hunt of the parks in your backyard or park?

    New Orleans food? Maybe make food from the park (chicken fingers, chimihangas,etc)? Or themed to his favorite areas of the park... Pirate booty would be a good thing?

    Make it look like the Disney Castle. You could even have your son help you. My best memories of my birthday are of my dad and I making my birthday cake. Even as an "adult" I make my own because I love the memories of it (a few years ago I made a 3D rubber ducky cake, inside joke about rubber duckies with my friends... filled it with red velvet cake, used a thick buttercream icing, and a star tip. No one knew it was filled with red velvet cake. Totally freaked everyone out). The kingdom of sweet dreams would be fun with a kid. Or if you get crafty-ier you could do a pair of mouse ears. 1 9" cake circular, 2 4 inch cakes, after the 9 inch cake has cooled, cut it in half, layer of frosting stack on top. Use the 2 smaller cakes as "ears." Now being a cake nerd you could do two things, you could just ice it without any specialty tip. You could use black fondant and cover the whole thing and then print out the logo... or for texture use a star tip and cover everything in a star tip... you could put in any form of mouse ears you want and you could write your son's name in cursive using a... :::think think think::: 1 or 2 tip (the little circular one.). If you have a pair of mouse ears you could copy those and use the cursive as a guide... You could fill the cake with like... oh! Disneyland is in Orange County. Wasn't Disneyland built on an orange grove? Oh.... you could get all fancy, a chocolate cake (which would be good if you got any crumbs into the frosting while icing it, if you were doing the traditional ears you couldn't see the crumbs, but it's hard to get icing black... gets a weird taste. Dark chocolate?) with orange marmalade filling. That would be really good!

    Goody bags:
    Maps, Mickey figurines?

    Maybe you could have cookie decorating like in the winter time?
    Does that help?

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    Re: disneyland birthday party

    A cake shaped like Mickey Mouse ears. On the back you could write, in frosting, either something relating to Disneyland or your son. Or both!
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