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    tyler2cfhs's First Trip/First Trip Report

    OMG!!! All I have to say is wow! This place runs circles around WDW when it comes to quality. Yes, there isn't as much to do but I would rather come here ANYDAY. I loved New Orleans Square. You are so right, Pirates of the Caribbean in Cali is so much better than in Florida. The Florida version just pales in comparison. Splash Mountain is better in FL but I still LOVED the version here. I think I got more wet on the Cali version as well. The Matterhorn is just so fun. I LOVED that ride and there really isn't nothing special about it when it comes to thrill. It's just plain fun, I can't explain why I like it. The Space Mountain in FL can't even compare to the one in California. The one at DL was the BEST rollercoaster I have ever rode. It is so awesome I can't even describe to you how much I love it. The special effects are so amazing. And WDW needs a ride similiar to Indiana Jones Adventure because that ride is AWSOME!!! The Q is like the best parts in some aspects. It was so amazing. I really liked Pirates Lair. I can't decide weather I like it better than Tom Sawyers Island so I'm just gonna say they are good in their own aspects. The Tower of Terror in DL, although it had better special effects in the ride, was not as good as the FL version because the Q is way better in FL. And wow, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage was amazing. I loved it. It maybe because it was a good ride, it may be because it was the first time I have rode a submarine. I don't know. All I know is that I loved it. Remember, Dreams Come True absolutely blows Wishes out of the water. I loved how they used the different rides for the music. That was awesome. Also, the Block Pary Bash was a REALLY good parade and that is going to be a good addition to MGM back in florida. But the best parade was Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams. It was so cool. I really liked the Hollywood Pictures backlot. It's the best themed part of DCA. And DCA was a really good, fun park to me. I don't know why people dislike it so much. The only part that bothered me was Paradise Pier. And that looks good from a distance, it just feels wrong when you're riding the rides and stuff. I'm like, this ISNT what a Disney park is suppost to look like.

    Now I am going to do a pro's and con's of Disneyland compared to WDW:

    Pros: You can walk to both parks. You can find a good cheap hotel that is within walking distance of the park. The parks are cleaner and better kept. The CM's are amazing. Everything is in walking distance.

    Cons: More stuff to do at WDW. WDW is driving distance from my house. Downtown Disney is better in FL.

    All in all I had a fantastic trip and if I had to choose right now which to go back to I would choose DL. I really truelly liked it better than FL. The only thing I missed from FL was Animal Kingdom. That used to be my favorite park but now it is DL. DL is just the best park EVER! Well, I hope you enjoyed my first trip report. I hope it wasn't to bad. I took tons of pics and I'll probobly be puttin up some later.
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    Re: tyler2cfhs's First Trip/First Trip Report

    Glad you had great time.

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    Re: tyler2cfhs's First Trip/First Trip Report

    I'll just ignore the parts about WDW. Sounds like you had fun!
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    Re: tyler2cfhs's First Trip/First Trip Report

    Well, I pretty much agree with everything you said. So...great report!

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    Re: tyler2cfhs's First Trip/First Trip Report

    Im so glad you had fun in Disneyland! I can tell that you really enjoyed yourself! Looking forward to pictures!

    C'mon everybody, here we go!

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