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    Question about Old Tickets

    I know I've read that you can use old tickets for admission to the park. We are planning a trip for Oct. and will be arriving mid-day on a Saturday. Since the park will be likely be open late, and some of the special evening things (fireworks, fantasmic, etc.) are sometimes only on weekends by that time of year, we thought it might be nice to be able to go to the park in the evening, but we won't be checking in and getting our hoppers til the next day. We have 3 old one day tickets that we got the last time we were at DL in '99. They were part of a package we got at the Marriott in Anaheim and say "group sales" on them. Does this make any difference as far as their usability/length of validity? I don't see anything else about them that is different that would suggest any difference, but I was hoping someone here might know if the tickets would still be usable. Thanks!

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    Re: Question about Old Tickets

    Tickets almost ALWAYS have an experation date on them. If it does not, then Disneyland must honor it. If it does have an experation date on it and its passed, then I would not count on them at all.

    Maybe once appon a time when the park was still run by a caring man, a ticket was a ticket was a ticket. Now, that its run by a large corporation that must make money to survive, a ticket is good till it says its not.

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    Re: Question about Old Tickets

    I recommend calling Disney. You'll be put on hold for 20 minutes possibly but you will get the answer that you're looking for.
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