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    Talking little mermaid ride

    As I was watching the little video on the little mermaid ride that never was today, I had a thougth. Why not put in dca. You have two choics with themeing. In pardise pier. Or my thought would be where the montery area is. Do we really need to see how bread is made, or tortilas for that matter. Why not take that out and put that in. Its already all desinged now just put it in. :0)

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    Re: little mermaid ride

    I second that, I would have been more impressed to watch someone make handmade tortillas.

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    Re: little mermaid ride

    I said this a LONG time ago (when the DVD came out). It would fit best on the far left side of Paradise Pier by the Little Mermaid restaurant and the Merry-Go-Round. California Adventure needs a ride like this to really help it become a great park. It needs a ride that you know is destened to become a classic (like Perter Pan or Mr. Toad). Currently California Adventure does not have a ride like that that.

    (well, maybe the Chu Chu Train )
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