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Thread: Rainy days?

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    Re: Rainy days?

    A few years back, we went on a rainy day and were able to ride Splash Mtn. 9 times. It was awesome. That's not the kind of ride people want to go on when it's raining, but it's my favorite, so it was awesome for me.

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    Re: Rainy days?

    Welcome to the Premium Passholders Club! As for rainy days... when we get any - there may have been 2 last winter - they are fun. Just remember to wear waterproof shoes. Nothing worse that soggy feet!

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    Re: Rainy days?

    Yes the rare (lately anyway) rainy day at DL is awesome, I just love the rain and it is usually not very crowded, you get to see the park from a whole different perspective which is cool. What better way to spend a dreary day then at the happiest place on Earth

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