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    Weird Disney Stories

    This is a post I had on Haunted Bathroom, but I wanted to see if anyone else had similar stories. Sorry if it is repetitive.

    One other "weird" story. I asked in another post about the supposedly "haunted picture" in the Christmas Store in NOS. Last summer, I stop in there and asked the CMs if they knew what I was talking about. They pointed out the picture that, at that time, hung on a wall across from the register. They said the expression on the child's face would change...I laughed and asked if any of them had actually seen this. They were either playing along or telling the truth, but two of them said it was a very scary thing the first time they'd each noticed it. So, I got a good "fun" story out of my little visit at least. But, this summer, when I stopped by to see if I thought it had a "spooky" change of expression, I couldn't find the pic. So, I asked the CM, "I know this sounds weird, but do you know anything about the supposedly haunted picture in this store?" She got the strangest look on her face (maybe I frightened her) and said they had gotten rid of the picture. I asked if it had been moved to another store and she said "Oh No, It's gone for good. And not quick enough, if you ask me" I just thought it was strange to bother getting rid of it, even if it just attracted dorks like me to look into the store. I mean I actually ended up buying something from the store that I probably wouldn't have even gone into. I like to think that maybe there was a little truth to this pic being to consider, at least!

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    Re: Weird Disney Stories

    That sounds spooky.

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    Re: Weird Disney Stories

    I heard about that but never seen it. My dad said he has though

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