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    Smile Disneyland Photo Game!

    Hey guys,

    I have come up with an idea for a Disneyland photo game that is inspired by a game found on a Celine Dion message board I belong to.

    What this game consists of is someone requesting a photo of something. An example of this would be:

    "How about a photo of Tower Of Terror seen through A Bug's Land?"

    Then the next person responding would post a picture followed by a picture request by them!

    This is a great way of seeing the park through different perspectives! Okay, so here's the Tower Of Terror picture to the made up question.

    So, here's my request:

    Does anybody have a picture of Donald Duck in ToonTown? Preferably either on or near his boat?


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    Re: Disneyland Photo Game!

    Quote Originally Posted by JosephTNielsen View Post
    Does anybody have a picture of Donald Duck in ToonTown? Preferably either on or near his boat?

    That's going to be hard considering my husband and I haven't even seen him once in the 11 months we've been going to the meets on Sunday!

    ....Well, maybe someone will have one from when Toontown opened....
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    Re: Disneyland Photo Game!

    I will search my "archives" but I don't recall ever seeing DD in toon town.

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    Re: Disneyland Photo Game!

    Sounds like a fun game!! I don't have any pics of ToonTown, so I can't do the request, but I have recent photos (Aug 10) of other things...
    I am a rabid Disney fan. Possible future Imagineer (already designing rides for it)... I've only been to Disneyland. I'm hoping to go to Disney World this summer for the first time, and TDR might be possible in 3 years.

    First DL trip - 1997

    First WDW trip - N/A

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