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Thread: The Keys

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    The Keys

    Do you think that during the second part of the Year of a Million Dreams that there will be a "Keys to the Kingdom" and/or "Keys to Calfiornia" giveaway like at the Magic Kingdom in WDW?

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    Re: The Keys

    What kind of prizes are those?????????

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    Re: The Keys

    I would enjoy that... If I won. But actually not a bad idea, more details should follow, but they dont, I'm confusing myself, anyways, yea an intresting idea.
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    Re: The Keys

    Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency & Show. I wanna win an Efficiency!!!
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    Re: The Keys

    Well, "keys to the kingdom" was essential slogan used when they advertised getting the Premium Annual Pass (all 365 days, no black-out dates)...of coarse this was years ago.

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