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    Meeting on the 17th--article


    I'm working on an article about Disneyland's 50th birthday, and as part of that article, I would love to talk with some people at the park on the 17th itself. The article, itself, has more of a cultural studies slant to it than the typical magazine piece, but will be structured with as a traditional narrative (i.e. a visit to the park).

    In particular, I'm exploring America's connection to Disneyland--or the concept of Disneyland. The article assumes, at its onset, that since 1955, we, as Americans, have become larger consumers of entertainment. For many of us (ie us on this board) we create part of our identity from the entertainment we enjoy. That is, we incorpate aspects of Disney entertainment into our identity. And so I'd like to talk to people about their connection to Disneyland--what it means to them, what a visit to the park offers them, what is the larger attraction that keeps people returning to the park. Ideall what I'd like to investigate in the article is Why Disneyland Matters.

    If you're interested, be thinking of an interesting answer.

    Unless anyone has any objections, I'd love to tag along for part of the in park meeting. And unless Disney security busts me for bringing in a minidisc recorder and a powered mic, I'll probably bring those with me as well.

    I'll leave the hub/plaza debate to others.


    PS I'll probably post a similar note over on the Laughingplace forums.

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    Re: Meeting on the 17th--article

    You might want to check out the May/June issue of Westways magazine - Automobile Club of Southern California featured a good article that asked readers to reminisce about their favorite Disneyland memories and featured some great personal photos from the past 50 years that readers had submitted.

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