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    Other Things...

    I am heading down to Disneyland for the half-marathon, however our annual passes are blocked out on that Saturday and Sunday, we are getting down Saturday afternoon. Sunday we are going to be just taking it easy before the big run, but what would be something that is fun and different to do down there? I know about Medievil Times and the Pirate Show.

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    Re: Other Things...

    No questions. Go to Huntington or Newport and relax on the beach and then have a nice dinner afterwards.

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    Re: Other Things...

    I don't know how you define "different", but its fun to drive up the PCH a little ways through Laguna, Huntington, and Newport. Look at all the big houses, peek in the expensive stores, eat somewhere with a nice view, enjoy the beach.

    Or if you're a baseball fan catch an Angels game. I think they're at home this weekend.

    If you're a football fan...oh wait, the LA area doesn't have a team. Maybe we should give them back the Raiders...

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